Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Week Nine 24 Oct

Today we discussed presentation options for our final project prototype,  which is due on Nov, 7.  Because it's a prototype use of a breadboard is acceptable. We should expect our presentations to last about five minutes.

Studio Time
Due to an oversight on my part when ordering the necessary parts to complete my project, I failed to verify the delivery date.  The delivery date was originally scheduled for Nov 14th. Because of this error I was forced   
                to order it again with next day delivery.

HOMEWORK: Read NBC Chptrs. 3 - 4 of Natural Born Cyborgs.

HOMEWORK: Blog notes from Reading: NBC chapters 03, 04. (Group leading discussion put together a discussion sheet on google docs.)
HOMEWORK: Work on Final Project
HOMEWORK: Weekly Blog Report - share progress/notes on Final Project

Monday, November 12, 2018

Week Eleven 5 Nov

Prototype demos/critiques

Today we presented our prototypes of our final project.  Mine wasn't one of the projects that was presented due to my not paying attention to the delivery date of some of my required materials.  Lesson learned is this, price shouldn't always be a factor when ordering parts on-line.  You need to have them so you can work on your prototype to work out any issues so that your final project will be completed on time.

When presenting working models of your design, ensure you have all the necessary files available for discussion, and or review.

Andy Clark Natural Born Cyborg Chaps 7 & 8

Reading Discussion NBC 07, 08
electric body manipulation

NBC Chapter 07 Bad Borgs?

This chapter dealt with the definitions of the following words:
Perception of countries who are less developed must go through the same process that other countries who are more developed in order for them to access current technologies i.e. wireless internet, cell phones. Prestigious schools are now making class available for free on the internet. This allows access to higher level education materials for all. 
In this instance intrusion is a form of communication between electronic devices, allowing at a higher-level companies sharing your browsing, shopping tendencies.  You are basically issued a unique identifier, making it easier to track your habits. George Orwell’s 1984 comes to mind when I read this description
At what point do we become overly dependent on technology, and are unable to disconnect from it all, even if it’s only for a few hours at a time.  Technology and access to it should probably be classified as a drug.  This statement is based on the fact that some people are unable to put their devices down, or posting selfies.
How many emails show up in your inbox in a single day is too many? This could probably be traced back to intrusion and becoming overwhelmed by spam emails due to your browsing history and or tendencies
 Proving yet again that social media really isn’t. It allows people to become hermits, avoiding any real social contact with other human beings. Creating a virtual playmate to teach children manners and how to interact with others is, at least to me counterproductive because it doesn’t teach any problem solving skills. 
Narrowing also can be considered part of intrusion.  Based on your likes and dislikes algorithms can be written to determine which pop up ads will have the most effect on you and your shopping habits.  This would make a huge impact on Cyber Monday shopping, by focusing on your likes rather than your dislikes. 
Misrepresenting yourself to others in online chatrooms is less deceit and more obfuscation, at least in my opinion. I’m basing that on the fact that the individual is obscuring the truth.  Deceit seems to be prominent when dealing with another person while facing them.
 If you’ve seen the movie Multiplicity with Michael Keaton you are well aware of that the more copies made of copies it soon becomes degraded and unintelligible as far as recognition goes.  It can also be considered a form of urban legends and those chain emails we get because someone heard it, and took it as the truth without bothering to verify it. Snopes is good at bringing these types of emails to a screeching halt. 
Becoming more like a cyborg, allowing yourself to be modified with electronic implants of various types.  
NBC Chapter 08 Conclusions: Post-Human, Moi?

With the addition of non-biological parts to the human brain, we expand our cognizant thinking,
This could have major impacts because once we as humans have more, for the most part no one wants to go back in time when we had less. When will we have enough?? probably never as some people always want more, even if it only means having a solid gold case instead of a plastic molded one. 

Monday, October 22, 2018

Final Project Proposal

 This post is about my final project in ART4633.  I'm proposing an arduino GPS tracker for individuals with dementia. By having this tracker attached to them, their loved ones can find their location with minimal stress.
Link is best viewed when right clicked and select open link in new window.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Week Seven 10 Oct

  Today's class was cnx due to 




Week Six Wednesday Class

Today's class period 3 Oct 18, we learned what makes an Instructables good / bad / ugly.  It pretty much comes down to whether or not the Instructables in question has demonstrated the advanced proficiency (column 4) in:
 Written communication
Language, concise, grammar, logical order, personality, voice (active/passive)
 Images and multimedia
When creating electronic art or wiring diagrams Fritzing is a good source to use for images. It allows you to custom create your diagram, then save it as an image.
 Creativity and expression